The Cinderella Surgery



So today this photo from Cosmoplitain Magazin made the rounds on my Facebook Newsfeed with quite a few shocking results.

What primarily concerned me was the amount of people blindly accepting that this was the actual result of the Cinderella surgery and not just a gimmick to sensationalise the piece – which, rest assured, it is. I suppose this shouldn’t be much of a surprise to me as everyday there are stories circulating the web of the death of celebrates and other such fabrications which are believed without evidence. In fairness the picture was captioned ‘The insane new plastic surgery that’s on the rise’, however the link to the actual article was in the caption. Seriously people, how lazy can you be!

After I got over this little annoyance I looked a little further and what I discovered was just as disturbing as the picture itself. There are many practices offering radical procedures. NYC Footcare is a podiatrist located in, funnily enough, New York which offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery marketing “designer feet for designer shoes”. If this statement doesn’t chill you to your core, you may be what is wrong with society. Now don’t get me wrong, I own my fair share of stilettos. I understand their appeal when I drag out them of my cupboard for special occasions in order to take away from my tiny five-foot-two frame, but after an evening of wearing them they’re ready to go back in my closet for a good while. So maybe my lack of unconditional love for painful shoes is at the heart of my prejudice here but who in their right mind alters their feet to fit their shoes? 

The Cinderella procedure itself and technically is a ‘hallux valgus correction with osteotomy and screw fixation’ don’t worry, I, and the majority of the population, can’t make any sense of that either. So here is what is actually dose: the bunions on the joints of both the big and little toes are ‘corrected’, if required the toes are straightened and then the second and third toes will usually be shortened, any hammertoe is also corrected thus narrowing and shortening the foot. For this to be achieved bone pins, screws, clips and metal framework will be inserted into your foot, which I can guarantee does not come cheaply.

The procedure finds its origins at EvoFoot whose site states “We’ve always held to the belief that excellence in podiatric surgery is found with procedures that improve the function of the foot, with an aesthetic approach” Now you may call me old fashioned but fitting in to ridiculously designed shoes does not seem like a ‘function of the foot’ to me.  The worst part of all of this remains that were fashionable shoes to come in all shapes and sizes, fit our feet, and make us feel comfortable the need for this surgery would decrease ten fold. Something as simple as creating shoes in large sizes cold fix this! Fashion, unfortunately, does not cater for everyone, instead people are forced more and more to alter themselves in the name of it.

A little extra reading for humour. Disclaimer: I have a terrible sense of humour.


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